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Perfectly Obstinate People

with Kathy Kolbe
Listen every week as Kathy Kolbe, the world's leading expert on human performance, explores how being obstinate can be a powerful and necessary aspect of creating positive change.

Each episode provides tips and tricks that empower you to be you.

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Finding the Niche for your Knack

From Perfectly Obstinate People with Kathy Kolbe

Kathy talks with Dr. Andrea Kayne, Director of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership at DePaul University College of Education. Dr. Kayne is also an award winning author and thought leader. She is a master at using her unique natural abilities to make an impact in a wide area of pursuits. It’s a fascinating discussion about how to find your path to excellence.


Episode 5 of Kathy Kolbe PodcastPerfectly Obstinate People

00:00 Intro

01:35 All skills are necessary

03:36 Making law school work for me

05:00 Too far out of my game

06:55 Finding my niche

08:25 Being energized

10:20 My personal writing process

12:20 My take away for living an incredible life

13:38 End

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