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It’s time to stop wasting mental energy and money, and start revolutionizing education and mental wellness programs. With Dynamynd’s proven methods we can collectively reduce stress, remove obstacles and improve mental wellness for kids and parents, students and teachers, and patients and providers.

Just as the Earth isn’t flat, the brain isn’t only two dimensions. Ancient philosophers – Plato and Aristotle included – knew there are three faculties of the mind: cognitive, affective and conative.

Later ignored by modern academics, the conative faculty is the part of the brain driven by instincts. It is the one and only truly predictive aspect of human behavior. Ever wonder why some people don’t follow life-saving regimes, or why some students do their best by cramming the night before a test? It all comes down to your MO (modus operandi).

Founder Kathy Kolbe is the world’s leading expert on predicting human behavior. It’s taken four decades for her to gather the more than 1.5 million data points that prove human beings “are who they are.” We don’t want you to change – we want you to find success doing things YOUR way.

AH-HA Moments

The Dallas Morning News

“…this work is a landmark on the road to understanding what conditions and situations are necessary for people to do their best.”

Tracey Morris

Plan Graphics, Inc.

“The knowledge gained is life-changing. What I know moves me from judging to accepting; from confusion to clarity; from apprehension to trust.”

Robert T. Kiyosaki

Author, Rich Dad Poor Dad

“Kathy Kolbe is brilliant. She is one of the few people who can explain that each of us has gifts and geniuses often not recognized by the educational system. Her information is refreshing and enlightening.”

Donald R. Lawhorne

MHVC, Inc.

"…the single most important breakthrough this century in understanding and releasing individual and team performance."

Janice Socia Axt

"It was like discovering I 'fit.' I sense new self-confidence in knowing where I can apply myself."

Clare Willson

"My results have changed my life. I've spent years with tremendous shame around my natural instinct to adapt, but Kolbe gave me a language to use and a dignity regarding my 2 in Follow Thru."

Dick Schaap

ABC Sports

"Kathy Kolbe's instincts, insights and intuition helped the Phoenix Suns spot the potential of a little-known person named Dan Marjerle, who became an All-Star. Now she sets out to do the same for less physical business."

Ken Wharram

VP, Bolton Tremblay Funds, Inc.

"From a personal perspective, it truly has put the final piece of the puzzle together for me because I now understand why I am the way I am and why I function the way I do."

Richard J. Hall

Black and Veatch Engineers

"The concept of conation and Kolbe make so much sense that it is very difficult to understand why this part of our being has not been explored before. I can see applications in my life constantly."

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