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A Candid conversation with Brian Burkhart (Part 1)

Brian Burkhart, noted keynote speaker, Shark Tank coach, TED presentation advisor and communications guru talks with Kathy Kolbe about his obstinance, challenges and what makes him tick.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:45 Who are you?

02:45 Pain in the ass!

03:30 Hogwash

06:20 Go work at McDonald’s

07:25 You suck…and here’s why

08:30 Eccentric act

10:50 Arrogant SOB

14:00 Poor Meghan

15:30 Send her something

17:25 Felt misunderstood

19:00 Not in my face

20:20 I don’t need to win

23:00 Don’t back down

25:00 Painfully aware

27:45 Brian’s Kolbe M.O.

29:00 The moral imperative

34:00 Stand firm?

35:45 Take the nickel

37:40 End

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