Should You Give in to Get Along?

Listen in as Kathy talks with Nicole and Sterling Loucks, the two senior managers at Dynamynd, Inc, the company through which Kathy and her team create new products and programs. They discuss persistence and obstinance in the workplace and life. What does it look like, and when is it appropriate?

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Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

00:45 No one liked the name

01:45 Is obstinance negative?

03:30 Example of strength

05:00 Respect

06:00 Example of how to stay in your game

08:45 Where it doesn’t work

09:45 Quietly obstinate?

10:45 Synergy

12:30 Star Mentality

14:00 What happens when family members are obstinate?

21:30 Persistence

24:30 Freddie Mercury and Queen

29:50 End

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