Thriving with Autism

At 3 years old, doctors believed Jake Scott would never speak again, by age 5 he was diagnosed with severe autism. Few Believed Jake would finish high school on time, if ever.

Thanks to the support from his family and knowledge of his conative capabilities, Jake persevered. He not only spoke and graduated high school in four years, but he also delivered the commencement speech for his graduating class.

Jake and his mother, Heidi, visit with Kathy to discuss how he succeeded, his goals for the future and the frustration along the way.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

04:52 Expectations

08:50 What did the family do?

15:28 Doing the work

20:30 Persistence, Persistence, Persistence

25:00 Sid the dog

28:31 Career planning

32:00 Bullying and dangerous situations

39:00 Perfectly Capable

42:00 Jake’s message for other students

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