Podcasting, Entrepreneurs, and Instincts with Paul Colligan

Kathy has a wide-ranging conversation with podcasting guru Paul Colligan on a number of topics including “should I podcast?”, obstinance in presentations, instincts and what talents entrepreneurs need on their team. Includes a giveaway and resources at www.perfectlyobstinate.com/paul.

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Episode 12 of Kathy Kolbe PodcastPerfectly Obstinate People

00:00 Intro
00:45 Entrepreneurial zeal
06:55 Knowing when to quit
10:55 On humor and its place
16:02 Charisma
16:55 All of me
20:54 End of the Creative Process
26:38 How Technology frees me
30:00 Constraints
32:48 Surround yourself with the right talent
36:17 Things you are meant to do
44:55 This is not a book
49:00 Terrible name for a podcast
54:36 End

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