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Youth Empower Program – Suicide prevention thru improved self-efficacy

Silent Epidemic: Teen Suicide

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth aged 12 and up.

4 out of 5 teens who attempt suicide have given clear warning signs. It’s time we listen.

Why YEP?

YEP is a community-based initiative developed by Kathy Kolbe, the leading expert in human instincts. It has been proven to increase self-efficacy, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, reduce loneliness, and remove stigmas of learning disabilities; each a leading factor in teen suicide.

How it Works

This program is delivered as a collaborative effort between trained advocates, Kathy Kolbe, and Dynamynd, Inc. Students receive:

1. Individualized online results with celebratory language, describing students’ strengths through the following validated questionnaires:

Student Aptitude™ Quiz identifies students’ Authentic Abilities and provides individualized tips for leveraging students’ strengths in academics, stress relief, relationships, and more.

Kolbe Efficacy™ Metric measures students’ belief in the value of their abilities on a scale from arrogance to humility and insecurity.

OPgig® Career Program matches students’ Authentic Abilities with compatible career options. Students discover that their strengths are needed in this world—and exactly where in this world that is.

2. Individualized digital communication from Dynamynd reiterates positive messages and provides additional tips to decrease stress and increase success.

3. Advocates lead small group discussions with others who share their natural abilities.

Make a Difference

Advocates work directly with students. The training consists of completing Kolbe Youth Specialist™ Training and Kolbe Self-Efficacy™ Metric Training. If you’d like to fund the Youth Empower Program in your community or contribute in other ways, email for more information.

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