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Charlie Tietgen (6537) is the founder of E3 Scholarship Fund, an organization committed to empowering youth and helping them thrive. How he got there is an amazing journey – that turned into a life-changing mission.


Claire, Charlie’s daughter, needed help fast.


After years of seeing psychologists, therapists and other specialists, Claire was in a downward spiral. Charlie felt they had hit a dead-end, with nowhere else to go. That’s when Claire made a devastating choice.


“My daughter attempted to take her life at the age of 12.”


Shortly after, Charlie sought the help of a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant. He was skeptical, of course. Why would this help after years of therapy? That day, Claire discovered her strengths. She found her natural talents, something that no one could ever take away from her.


Then the realization came – Claire had been working against her strengths in school. Switching from task to task without completion and adapting to different routines every day was causing immense amounts of stress. Just one conversation with Claire’s teacher made all the difference. “Let Claire finish an assignment without being interrupted, and give her a chance to plan for the next week – she is amazing at creating systems.” Charlie saw Claire transform before his eyes.


“Within 30 days her grades went from Ds/Fs to As/Bs. Her frustration was gone.”


On the way home from the consultation, they passed a vacant property. Charlie purchased the building the next day, and E3 Scholarship Fund was born. Now a Kolbe Certified Consultant and Kolbe Youth Specialist™ himself, he’s working every day to keep the mission going – embrace, empower and encourage youth.


Next, Charlie looks forward to applying his work with foster care youth.


“Within four years of aging out, 50% have no earning, and those who do make an average annual income of $7,500.”


Knowing the conative strengths of fostered youth is extremely illuminating for both foster kids and their care takers. Many youth in the foster program have little information about their past and who they are. Giving them the knowledge of how they naturally do things could change the direction of their lives and foster care drastically.


There’s a whole world out there that needs help. From Jiu-Jitsu to Kolbe assessments, Charlie Tietgen and E3 Scholarship Fund have already impacted thousands of youth across the U.S. Learn more about E3 Scholarship Fund:

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