When will it be available to the public?

I’d like to learn more about this, where can I get more information?

Is it available in other languages?

  • Only available in English at this time.

How can the Student Aptitude Quiz be taken?

  • On your phone, computer, or tablet.



How much does it cost for the individual student?

  • $17

As a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, can I resell at a higher price?

  • Volume discounts are available. It can be resold up to the full market value.

Are the add-on modules free, and how do I get them?

  • No, they are $5 each and can be purchased directly in the app. Scroll to the bottom of your general report, or to your dashboard, to select the add-on module you would like to purchase.



What does this measure?

  • Students’ Authentic Abilities – their bottom-line conative strength. Students receive their MO, as well as a description for each Authentic Ability – and tons of tips and tricks.

How long does it take?

  • About 15 minutes

Is the quiz reliable and valid?

  • It is validated against the Kolbe A™ Index – which is proven valid and also reliable (for over 20 years).

Is the conative part of the Student Aptitude Quiz the same as the Kolbe Y™ Index?

  • It is similar, and both were developed by Kathy Kolbe, but they are not the same. The Student Aptitude Quiz is validated for students middle school and up.  Also, the Student Aptitude Quiz can be used by older students, people in college for example, where the Kolbe Y may not be appropriate. The Kolbe Y Index can be done with children 12 and younger who have the necessary reading skills (4th-grade reading level).

Is the conative result of the Student Aptitude Quiz the same as the Kolbe A Index?

  • Both were developed by Kathy Kolbe, but they are not the same result. Both include the iconic Kolbe bar chart. However, the Student Aptitude Quiz is written for students. Results (all language, examples and tips) are focused on the school environment and are very different than the Kolbe A Index result.
  • Additional info: Student Aptitude Quiz includes a set of questions that is entirely different than the Kolbe A™ Index. Student Aptitude Quiz has not been validated for use with adults.



When do students get their results?

  • Immediately after completing the quiz.

Where can the student get more tips?

  • Add-on modules provide additional tips and tricks. Also, students can choose to schedule individual (or group) consulting with Kathy or her cadre, for an additional cost.

Does the student need an account to take it?

  • Yes, the student needs to create a profile (name, email, or phone number, password) to complete the quiz. They can choose to provide additional demographics.

Can the student see his/her results again?

  • Yes, students can log back into their profiles at any time using the email/phone number and password they signed up with.

Are the results printable?

  • Results can be printed using browser settings. However, the report was designed to be viewed electronically on a phone, computer, or tablet.

Can the results be shared?

  • Yes, you can share the results by clicking on the share icons in the general or add-on module reports.

Does the Parent Guide work with the Student Aptitude Quiz?

  • No, it’s possible that could change in the future, but there are not currently plans to do so.

How will the Student Aptitude Quiz results translate into a Kolbe A Index when a child gets older?

  • Taking the Student Aptitude Quiz does not automatically give you access to the Kolbe A Index report when you get older/are no longer a student. After you are a student, you should take the Kolbe A Index to receive the extensive content in the Kolbe A Index report, as well as the ability to use with other reports (comparisons, etc.).
  • Additional info – Student Aptitude Quiz is validated against the Kolbe A Index, so the four number results are unlikely to change.
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