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Dynamynd Inc., a Scottsdale high-tech software, research and development company, announced promotions for two senior executives today. Founder and CEO, Kathy Kolbe, named Sterling Loucks Vice President and Nicole Loucks Chief Operations Officer of the company.

Sterling Loucks operates strategic planning, research, and development. Nicole Loucks coordinates wellness and learning related projects. Key projects include a patient engagement guide, to lower A1C levels, and OPgig: a breakthrough assessment matching career paths with innate abilities.

Sterling Loucks began his career at Dynamynd 11 years ago, as an intern, after which he completed his studies and managed Harkins Theaters. Nicole joined a year ago, after working as a science teacher in a Scottsdale high school.

Kolbe says, “Sterling and Nicole are key members of a synergistic management team that is developing innovative solutions in wellness and learning environments. Their impact has been on both the research and development side of our mission.”

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