Our mission is to positively impact the educational system, but we can’t do it alone. Gain expertise in the Kolbe Theory to make a difference in the lives of students, teachers, parents and families. Join our community of trained professionals around the world. 

AH-HA Moments

James Brady

Former White House Press Secretary

“Kathy Kolbe understands that the greatest disability is in not having the freedom to be yourself.”

The Washington Post

“Different from IQ or personality measures, it provides clues to a person’s natural advantages in undertaking particular tasks.”

Dan Sullivan

Founder and President, The Strategic Coach Inc.

"Kathy Kolbe is the most important person on the planet for what everyone needs most: the permission and the freedom to be who they uniquely are.”

Lou Dobbs


“Kolbe has turned the old adage, trust your instincts, into cutting edge workplace strategy.”

David Buck

Ed. D. Superintendent, Wright City R-II School District

“What an eye-opening experience, and a game changer. I now look for diversity not only in experiences and demographics, but also in Conation, ensuring we are a complete team.”

The LA Times

“Kolbe provides a catalyst that can help you evaluate what you are doing, how you are doing it, and whether you should be doing it at all.”

Kolbe Youth Advocate

Make a Difference with Youth

You can be a part of the revolution that is making a difference. After completing our Kolbe Youth Specialist™ Training to become a Kolbe Youth Advocate you will be able to help kids succeed by focusing on the way they are perfect. You will be welcomed into an elite group of counselors, teachers, consultants and community leaders within K-12 programs. Partner with us to distribute our proven solutions!

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Kolbe Certified Consultant

Make a Difference with Professionals

In the world of education, we spend countless hours seeking to understand the educational and emotional needs our students. But what about our teachers and staff? The Kolbe Certification™ Training Seminar is perfect for educators, parents, and advocates looking to apply the Kolbe System in academic environments. Different from intelligence, personality or social style, you can tap into the instinctive ways people take action when they strive. Lead professional development workshops that result in a greater return of effort.

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