Foster individuals’ freedom in learning and wellness. Prompt providers to offer choices. Help put a stop to cookie-cutter education and the false assumptions of regimented wellness.

Collaborate with us to provide the commonsense that your family, friends and community long to lean on. We’ll provide the background data, materials and training so you can take the front lines as an admired leader. Help us build the case for improving schools or the quality of the healthcare available to those you love.

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In addition to our in-house expert consultants, we have a global network of independent Accredited Youth Advocates who would love to work with you.


AH-HA Moments

James Brady

Former White House Press Secretary

“Kathy Kolbe understands that the greatest disability is in not having the freedom to be yourself.”

The Washington Post

“Different from IQ or personality measures, it provides clues to a person’s natural advantages in undertaking particular tasks.”

Dan Sullivan

Founder and President, The Strategic Coach Inc.

"Kathy Kolbe is the most important person on the planet for what everyone needs most: the permission and the freedom to be who they uniquely are.”

Lou Dobbs


“Kolbe has turned the old adage, trust your instincts, into cutting edge workplace strategy.”

David Buck

Ed. D. Superintendent, Wright City R-II School District

“What an eye-opening experience, and a game changer. I now look for diversity not only in experiences and demographics, but also in Conation, ensuring we are a complete team.”

The LA Times

“Kolbe provides a catalyst that can help you evaluate what you are doing, how you are doing it, and whether you should be doing it at all.”

Learning Collaborator

Make a Difference in Learning

So many obstacles. So many failed attempts. Not a single well-funded effort to improve education has ever focused on students' innate ways of learning. All the cognitive reforms in the world will continue to fail if they demand that every student uses them in the same manner. That's why Kathy Kolbe has self-funded research, and designed K-12 programs that have been proven to help all learners. You can be a part of the revolution that is making a difference. Partner with us to distribute our proven solutions, sponsor our programs in your community or get accredited as a Kolbe Youth Advocate.

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Wellness Collaborator

Inspire Wellness with the Wisdom of the Kathy Kolbe Method

Getting sick is bad enough, and dealing with current medical systems only makes it more painful: unknown providers, lengthy forms and confusing pharmaceuticals. None of these systems "get" who you are and what you need in order to get better. There is someone who can make a difference. You! We'll help by giving you the tricks of communicating your instinct-based needs through self-advocacy. Whether you are a patient, provider or family member, you can become a thought leader in this groundbreaking method of improving wellness. We are actively seeking distribution and research partners for new programs we are developing. Contact us to learn more.

Tag, You're It

Now it's your turn to step up and make good things happen.