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MasterClasses with Kathy Kolbe

Join the Global Leader in Human Behavior for her 2022 advanced learning series.

*Kolbe Certified Consultants earn two continuing education credits per class (max of four credits per training period)

Kolbe RightFit

RightFit is Kolbe’s statistically proven hiring system that screens and selects the best job applicants. RightFit makes finding the right person easier and far less expensive than traditional selection methods. Using this system, companies have greatly reduced costly turnover and built productive teams.


  1. Define job requirements with input from leaders and other evaluators using the Kolbe C™ Index.
  2. Assess compatibility by identifying instinctive strengths of leaders and current high performers.
  3. Create a Range of Success™ for the job using Kolbe’s proprietary RightFit software.
  4. Screen candidates to see who is most likely to succeed based on their conative strengths. Each candidate gets a grade from A to F.

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