What is most important in making career choices?

A. What you want to do.

B. What you have learned to do.

C. What you are best at doing.

D. All of the above.

OPgigSM is the only career program that makes D. a possible choice.

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Consultation with Bret Loucks

Bret Loucks is one of the few Kolbe Certified Master Consultant in the world. He has worked directly with Kathy Kolbe, the founder and creator of Kolbe Theory, for decades. Bret is an expert at empowering students to understand and learn through their Authentic Abilities.

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Bret’s primary focuses are individual coaching with educators or students, helping parents understand their child’s instinctive way of taking action, and working with families to respect and benifit from each other’s Authentic Abilities. Consulting can be done one-on-one or in small groups. Bret’s consulting is perfect for you if you are a teacher, student, parent, or anyone who is ready to improve their lives!

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