In the world of education, we spend countless hours seeking to understand the educational and emotional needs our students. But what about our teachers and staff? Different from intelligence, personality or social style, we tap into the instinctive ways people take action when they strive. 

Dynamynd’s professional development workshops are customized to: 

  • Improve communication & collaboration among educators
  • Reveal individual strengths & how to use them
  • Decrease burnout and increase job satisfaction & productivity
  • Create a culture of respect, accountability & performance

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OPgig® Career Program

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Featured Solutions


Youth Empowerment Program

We can’t promise no stress, but we can share with you all the ways you are perfectly capable.

  • Student Aptitude™ Quiz
  • Kolbe Efficacy™ Metric
  • OPgig® Career Program
  • Small group led discussions to reinforce Authentic Abilities
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Career Survival Kit

We don’t give out pay raises, but we can help you discover careers that will decrease your stress and increase your success.

  • Kolbe A™ Index
  • OPgig® Career Program
  • 30-minute Consultation
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Provider Survival Kit

We can’t promise 100% compliance, but we can help you work more effectively and communicate better with your patients.

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AH-HA Moments

Warren Barry

President & Founder, Instinctive Solutions, Inc.

“Working with my patients with chronic pain, and having the conative conversations regarding their stress, and understanding why it is occurring has had an incredible impact on not only their health and well-being, but also on their families.”

Reese Jones

Intermountain Audiology

“Thank you Kolbe. You changed my life.”

Paula Riddell

Allure Medical Spa

“Knowing your MO can reduce stress and help you excel.”

Jonny Deacon

Coach and Entrepreneur, MyDNA Coach Academy Body Transformation

“Incorporating Kolbe within health and fitness coaching programs is significant. I absolutely feel like this revolution requires this level of detail in making sure that people have strategies that are right for their instincts.”

Tom Loeblein

President/CEO Healthcare Management Consultants

“When we discovered the Kolbe A™ Index, we entered a new realm of understanding each other. We discovered how each of us uniquely solves problems.”

Dr. Beth Jo Phillips

Professor of Physical Therapy CSUN

“As practicing clinicians, appreciation of variations in the driving instincts of different individuals will help therapists identify strategies for motivating patient behavior change.”

Youth Empower™ Program
What if you could empower your students?

Short assessments combined with an interactive workshop will help students discover their strengths and how to apply them in school and beyond.

OPgig® Career Program
What if you could discover a great career that was a natural fit for how you work?

OPgig offers a radically improved assessment for identifying best fit careers.

Team Workshops
What if you could tap into the innate strengths of your entire team?

Dynamynd workshops are designed for school administrators and educators looking to improve school climate and culture.

Individual Consultations
What if you could get expert guidance to lower stress and improve success?

Get more out of your results with an individualized 1:1 session with a Dynamynd Consultant.

Kolbe A™ Index
What if you discovered your innate strengths, and how to apply them in work and life?

This 36-question assessment measures the instinctive talents that drive the way a person takes action.

Kolbe Certification™ Training Seminar
What if you could help organizations leverage people’s talents?

Kolbe Certification™ gives you the knowledge and insights to identify people’s natural talents and help organizations utilize those talents productively.

Kolbe RightFit™
What if you could take the mystery out of hiring?

Kolbe RightFit software identifies what a job demands and whether a candidate’s instinctive approach is likely to make them successful.