Ditch the notion that any expert knows you better than you know yourself. Using the Kathy Kolbe Method, we help you take control of your personal well-being by trusting your instincts. This includes learning how to express your instinctive needs, and being obstinate in communicating what you will and won’t do naturally.

We don’t diagnose and prescribe medical treatments. We identify and reveal the best course of action in your pursuit of wellness. How you exercise, eat and take medications depends on your MO (modus operandi). Unlike other programs dependent solely on emotion and logic, we take an action-oriented approach – harnessing the instinctive strengths of each patient.

One way the Kathy Kolbe Method has been effective is by greatly reducing the mental burnout and brain fatigue of workplace stress, which, according to the World Health Organization, is the health epidemic of the 21st Century. By using Dynamynd’s evidence-based approach to combat workplace stress, health-related costs for individuals and organizations are cut dramatically.

Find a Kolbe Youth Advocate!

In addition to our in-house expert consultants, we have a global network of independent Accredited Youth Advocates who would love to work with you.


Featured Solutions


Youth Empowerment Program

We can’t promise no stress, but we can share with you all the ways you are perfectly capable.

  • Student Aptitude™ Quiz
  • Kolbe Efficacy™ Metric
  • OPgig® Career Program
  • Small group led discussions to reinforce Authentic Abilities
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Career Survival Kit

We don’t give out pay raises, but we can help you discover careers that will decrease your stress and increase your success.

  • Kolbe A™ Index
  • OPgig® Career Program
  • 30-minute Consultation
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Provider Survival Kit

We can’t promise 100% compliance, but we can help you work more effectively and communicate better with your patients.

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AH-HA Moments

Warren Barry

President & Founder, Instinctive Solutions, Inc.

“Working with my patients with chronic pain, and having the conative conversations regarding their stress, and understanding why it is occurring has had an incredible impact on not only their health and well-being, but also on their families.”

Reese Jones

Intermountain Audiology

“Thank you Kolbe. You changed my life.”

Paula Riddell

Allure Medical Spa

“Knowing your MO can reduce stress and help you excel.”

Jonny Deacon

Coach and Entrepreneur, MyDNA Coach Academy Body Transformation

“Incorporating Kolbe within health and fitness coaching programs is significant. I absolutely feel like this revolution requires this level of detail in making sure that people have strategies that are right for their instincts.”

Tom Loeblein

President/CEO Healthcare Management Consultants

“When we discovered the Kolbe A™ Index, we entered a new realm of understanding each other. We discovered how each of us uniquely solves problems.”

Dr. Beth Jo Phillips

Professor of Physical Therapy CSUN

“As practicing clinicians, appreciation of variations in the driving instincts of different individuals will help therapists identify strategies for motivating patient behavior change.”

Interested In

Kathy Kolbe Consultation
What if you could talk with the world's leading expert on human behavior?

Receive direct coaching and consulting from the creator of the Kolbe Theory on how to improve learning and wellness while reducing stress.

What if you could get expert guidance to lower stress and improve success?

"One of the men cried when he got his results. He thanked us for giving him proof of his value. He literally wore it as a medal of honor! He was grateful that someone put in writing what he hoped was there in himself." - Caroline Sugarman

Youth Empower™ Program
What if we could reduce teen suicide rates?

“My daughter attempted to take her life at the age of 12. We discovered her Authentic Abilities the next year. Within 30 days her grades went from Ds/Fs to As/Bs. Her frustration was gone.” – Parent

OPgig® Program
What if you could discover a great career that was a natural fit for how you work?

“Kathy Kolbe has produced a fascinating and insightful work that adds a rich dimension of understanding to the critical task of job performance and individual success. It should be invaluable in helping to direct one’s own efforts as well as directing the efforts of others.” - Steven C. Wheelwright, Ph.D., Professor, Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration

Team Seminars
What if there was a seminar based on scientific truths (bonding without the kumbaya)?

"I was working with one of my long term leader clients who asked me to run a seminar for their staff. At the end of the seminar, one of the staff approached me with tears of joy. She said, 'all my life it has been suggested I have ADD/ADHD, but today I feel like I have finally found out that its my talent, ...not a problem." - Jason Kolevski

Kolbe A™ Index
What if you discovered your embedded strengths - and how not to let them box you in?

"The Kolbe system ranks among the top three pieces of information I have acquired in my life. When I got my Kolbe result, my life changed. I eliminated frustration and guilt." - Dan Sullivan, Founder and CEO, The Strategic Coach

Kolbe Certification™ Training Seminar
What if you could gain expertise in harnessing human effort?

"You will not be able to have an appreciation for the multiple facets of Kolbe Wisdom without the intense discussion, role play, and explanations that come through certification seminars." - Ella Huysamen

Coming soon - Kolbe Wellness Profile