In the world of education, we spend countless hours seeking to understand the educational and emotional needs our students. But what about our teachers and staff? Different from intelligence, personality or social style, we tap into the instinctive ways people take action when they strive. 

Dynamynd’s professional development workshops are customized to: 

  • Improve communication & collaboration among educators
  • Reveal individual strengths & how to use them
  • Decrease burnout and increase job satisfaction & productivity
  • Create a culture of respect, accountability & performance

Featured Solution


Team Workshops

Embracing the instinctive strengths of faculty and staff contribute to greater success for individuals and the organization.

  • Kolbe A™ Index for all teachers and staff
  • Kolbe B™ Index for all teachers and staff (optional)
  • Group workshop for all

Sample Result

A Index Result

AH-HA Moments

David Buck

Ed. D. Superintendent, Wright City R-II School District

“When I arrived, we were in the bottom 4% of schools in terms of academic performance in the state. Every administrator, board member, central office employee, and teacher took a Kolbe A™ and went through training around it. We became the most improved district in the state and in the top 1/3 in terms of performance. Kolbe was a huge part of that turnaround.”

Mickey Anderson


“This system needs to be an integral basis for all aspects of education. I will not continue teaching if I cannot use the Kolbe Method in my job.”

Elizabeth Berry

Ph. D. Professor

“I can see it in my teaching. I’m much more tolerant now. I understand. I try to diversify assignments for all the different kinds of people.”

Reese Jones

Intermountain Audiology

“Thank you Kolbe. You changed my life.”

Paula Riddell

Allure Medical Spa

“Knowing your MO can reduce stress and help you excel.”

Kolbe A™ Index
What if you discovered your innate strengths, and how to apply them in work and life?

This 36-question assessment measures the instinctive talents that drive the way a person takes action.

Team Workshops
What if you could tap into the innate strengths of your entire team?

Dynamynd workshops are designed for school administrators and educators looking to improve school climate and culture.

OPgig® Career Program
What if you could discover a great career that was a natural fit for how you work?

OPgig offers a radically improved assessment for identifying best fit careers.

Individual Consultations
What if you could get expert guidance to lower stress and improve success?

Get more out of your results with an individualized 1:1 session with a Dynamynd Consultant.

Kolbe Certification™ Training Seminar
What if you could help organizations leverage people’s talents?

Kolbe Certification™ gives you the knowledge and insights to identify people’s natural talents and help organizations utilize those talents productively.

Kolbe RightFit™
What if you could take the mystery out of hiring?

Kolbe RightFit software identifies what a job demands and whether a candidate’s instinctive approach is likely to make them successful.

Kolbe Creativity Cubes™ Non-Verbal Assessment
What if you could discover natural strengths regardless of age, stage, stress or reading ability?

Benefits: 1. Identifies individuals Authentic Abilities through a hands-on process. 2. Provides an individualized report for each user with tips on how they can best use their abilities. 3. Allows Authentic Abilities to be discovered for children too young for the Kolbe Index, individuals in conative Transition, and those who can not complete a verbal assessment.