Kathy’s Conative Gift Giving Tips

Program Description – Kathy provides tips for finding the perfect gift to match the recipient’s personal creative process. Finally some relevant advice for giving the perfect gift that will be appreciated and utilized.

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Episode 7 of Kathy Kolbe PodcastPerfectly Obstinate People

00:00 intro
00:18 You shouldn’t have…
01:12 Picking the perfect gift
01:34 Gifts for detail oriented Fact Finders
02:26 Cones of Dunshire example
04:16 Gifts for neat and organized Follow Thrus
05:20 Video Game Collector example
06:50 Gifts for Quick Starts that seek the unusual
09:20 Gifts for the DIY Implementor
10:55 Wood worker example
11:35 Avoid stereotyping
12:00 More from Kathy’s gift list
13:00 Gift cards, money or time and talent
14:55 How to discover your conative talents
15:46 End

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