What is most important in making career choices?

A. What you want to do.

B. What you have learned to do.

C. What you are best at doing.

D. All of the above.

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Takes Two to Tangle – Kathy and David Kolbe on Takes Two

Kathy talks with David Kolbe, CEO of Kolbe Corp. David explains the new “Takes Two” program for intimate partner relationships. They also discuss their own conative conflicts, respect, business ethics and the future of the Kolbe Theory.

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Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

01:00 Future of the Kolbe Theory

03:45 Takes Two for intimate partner Relationships

05:53 Our conative conflict

09:15 Can we separate business from personal?

10:00 Respect is the key

11:35 Obstinate about priorities with resistance in Follow Thru

13:40 Communication is key

15:00 Motivation

16:00 The prodigy example

16:20 Saving for my kid’s education

17:30 Finances in Takes Two

18:10 Obstinately financially independent

20:21 Pulling the plug

21:25 Future of Kolbe in good hands

22:27 End

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