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On Memory, Learning and Memorization

Kathy talks with Sterling Loucks, Vice President of Dynamynd, Inc. about being obstinate in learning your way. She offers tips to help you memorize and access memories for learning at school and in the workplace.

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Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

00:50 I don’t do memory

02:25 Memory for detail or essence?

03:50 I remember eyes

05:00 How a Theorist memorizes

06:30 I don’t remember saying that

08:11 Is memory Cognitive?

10:07 How you memorize is based on your M.O.

13:24 Quick Start method

14:15 Fact Finder

14:46 Follow Thru

15:30 Implementor

16:07 Facilitators

17:24 Teach HOW to memorize

19:15 Long term memory

22:06 What academics tell you to do may not work for you

24:00 Be obstinate about how you learn!

25:25 Emotions affect learning

29:33 Habits

31:25 Engage your M.O.

32:46 End

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