Kathy Debunks Quick Start Stereotypes

All Quick Starts are not made the same! In this episode, Kathy debunks false stereotypes about people who initiate in Quick Start. These individuals are often viewed as more creative, more energetic and prone to ADHD. Kathy provides clarity about this most misunderstood of the 4 modes of action and gives insight on how the other modes of action come into play. By gaining a deeper understanding, Quick Starts will be better able to play it big, with a better chance of success.

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Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
00:21 The reality of Quick Start
01:15 Continuing to develop theory
01:30 False stereotypes
02:52 Doctor advises Kathy to stop talking
03:55 Ad lib but stop and think
04:41 Endless Quick Start energy?
06:26 No Solopreneurs
08:04 Serial Entrepreneurs
09:03 Hell No!
11:00 Unfocused disability?
13:10 Never finish anything
15:09 Learning from failure
16:00 Managing that talent
18:00 The many forms of Quick Start
19:35 Use all your strengths, and all 3 parts of the mind
21:15 End

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