Can You Trump Instincts?

What’s wrong with just trusting your gut?

Kathy offers a no-holds-barred analysis of President Trump’s leadership style in a non-political assessment of Leadership, collaboration and compassion.

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Episode 13 of Kathy Kolbe PodcastPerfectly Obstinate People

00:00 Intro

00:40 Perfectly obstinance or not?

02:00 It’s not about politics

03:10 Empathy and compassion

04:20 Teaching humble obstinance to children

05:40 The art of the compromise

06:30 Lesson for an early entrepreneur

10:00 Leadership

11:20 Will praise his talents

12:25 Trust your guts is not enough

14:10 Collaboration with a balanced team

15:35 Trust

16:34 End

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