What is most important in making career choices?

A. What you want to do.

B. What you have learned to do.

C. What you are best at doing.

D. All of the above.

OPgigSM is the only career program that makes D. a possible choice.

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Top Educator’s Path with Conative Truths

Kathy Kolbe interviews international thought leader in K-12 education, Diane DeBacker. Together they explore leadership, obstinacy and conative truths.

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Episode 11 of Kathy Kolbe PodcastPerfectly Obstinate People

00:00 Intro

00:50 Sneaky obstinance

02:35 Freedom to be yourself

03:53 My M.O.

06:00 Making a major change

09:30 Dealing with obstinance

11:00 Toughest problem I faced – Students with disabilities

13:15 Thank goodness you’ve arrived

14:48 Leadership through building teams

15:22 Betrayed…

16:00 Don’t give up on it

17:15 That one moment….

18:54 Hiring by the eyes

20:50 Being a better boss

23:50 Having a child with different conative strengths

26:33 End

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