Help us reach millions more. Different from intelligence, personality or social style, we tap into the instinctive ways students take action when they strive. Our programs empower students with the freedom to learn in the ways that are most natural to them, encouraging them to do what they do best and celebrating them for their unique abilities. 

When situations don’t cater to their capabilities, students receive strategies to help them persevere. Students report increased confidence, reduced stress and improved academic performance. 

Featured Solutions


Individual Youth Empower Package

Help your kids discover their strengths and advocate for their innate needs.

  • Student Aptitude™ Quiz
  • OPgig® Career Program
  • 30-minute Consultation
  • Group workshop (in-person or virtual)

Youth Empower Program

Our unique assessments combined with an interactive workshop help students discover their strengths and advocate for their innate needs.

  • Kolbe A™ Index for educator
  • Student Aptitude™ Quiz for all students
  • OPgig® Career Assessment for all students
  • Group workshop (in-person or virtual)

AH-HA Moments

Courtney Osterfelt

Director, The Launch Pad (A Non-Profit Teen Center)

"Kolbe helps youth 'story their lives into existence' by giving them an accurate language to describe what is most fundamental to them. It validates who they are and fosters a sense of dignity, worthiness, and love."

5th grade student with ADD

“I’m so happy I can tell my mom there is something about me that is perfect. Maybe I’ll wrap my Kolbe result up and put it under the tree for her. I know it will make her cry – the good way.”

Mickey Anderson


“This system needs to be an integral basis for all aspects of education. I will not continue teaching if I cannot use the Kolbe Method in my job.”

Dr. Jane Armstrong

“A parent turned to me and said, ‘This puts it all into perspective. I’m trying to make him be me instead of letting him be him.’”

Pamela Armstrong

Ph. D. Psychologist

“The way society and schools are constructed causes an inordinate amount of labeling of kids, and increasing insistence they medicated in their formative years just because they respond to a different learning atmosphere and approach. I hope that Kathy’s vision becomes a reality and that schools and workplaces can be reshaped to fully accommodate and appreciate us ‘troublemakers.’”

Elizabeth Berry

Ph. D. Professor

“I can see it in my teaching. I’m much more tolerant now. I understand. I try to diversify assignments for all the different kinds of people.”

Youth Empower™ Program
What if you could empower your students?

Short assessments combined with an interactive workshop will help students discover their strengths and how to apply them in school and beyond.

Student Aptitude™ Quiz
What if your child could find success in school by discovering his or her Authentic Abilities?

This 15-minute assessment reveals the instinctive talents that drive the way a student takes action in school and beyond.

OPgig® Career Program
What if you could discover a great career that was a natural fit for how you work?

OPgig offers a radically improved assessment for identifying best fit careers.

Individual Youth Empower Package
What if you could discover your unique set of strengths and how to apply them in your learning journey?

Two short assessments combined with a coaching session will help students discover their strengths and how to apply them in school and beyond.

Kolbe Youth Advocate™ Training
What if you could help kids succeed by focusing on the ways they are perfect?

This online, self-paced training introduces you to the Kolbe Theory as it relates to empowering kids.

Individual Consultations
What if you could get expert guidance to lower stress and improve success?

Get more out of your results with an individualized 1:1 session with a Dynamynd Consultant.

Kolbe Creativity Cubes™ Non-Verbal Assessment
What if you could discover natural strengths regardless of age, stage, stress or reading ability?

Benefits: 1. Identifies individuals Authentic Abilities through a hands-on process. 2. Provides an individualized report for each user with tips on how they can best use their abilities. 3. Allows Authentic Abilities to be discovered for children too young for the Kolbe Index, individuals in conative Transition, and those who can not complete a verbal assessment.