Help us reach millions more. Most education reforms focus on one-size-fits-all makeovers. But Dynamynd is different. Using the Kathy Kolbe Method, we focus on challenging students to self-manage diverse ways of learning. We empower students with the freedom to learn in the ways that are most natural to them, encouraging them to do what they do best and celebrating them for their unique abilities. When situations don’t cater to their capabilities, learners receive Conables® – tips and tricks to help them persist.

The Kathy Kolbe Method fosters purposeful learning in which students manage verified instinct-based strengths to achieve meaningful goals. It improves students’ mental wellness by reducing stress and anxiety. The concept of learning is clarified as an action-oriented, affectively-motivated process that is more than just finding a standardized answer.

At Dynamynd, our mission is to transform learning across the globe. With the help of community sponsors, teachers, parents, coaches, principals, youth leaders and volunteers, we will revolutionize opportunities for learners of all ages together.

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Listen every week as Kathy Kolbe, the world's leading expert on human performance, explores how being obstinate can be a powerful and necessary aspect of creating positive change.

Each episode provides tips and tricks that empower you to be you.

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Kathy Kolbe Method in Education

5 Key Principles

Empower Diversity

Optimizes learning by engaging the mental energy of different MOs (modus operandi).

Prove Equality

Uses scientific methods to access equality of performance by gender, age and race.

Advocate for Individualization

Provides language that describes the attributes and necessities of every learner's MO. (modus operandi)

Evaluate Self-Efficacy

Assesses learners' awareness of personal abilities on a scale from insecurity to humility to arrogance.

Validate Collaboration

Diagnoses and prescribes efficiency and effectiveness of team interactions. Reduces bullying by increasing respect for differences.

AH-HA Moments

Courtney Osterfelt

Director, The Launch Pad (A Non-Profit Teen Center)

"Kolbe helps youth 'story their lives into existence' by giving them an accurate language to describe what is most fundamental to them. It validates who they are and fosters a sense of dignity, worthiness, and love."

5th grade student with ADD

“I’m so happy I can tell my mom there is something about me that is perfect. Maybe I’ll wrap my Kolbe result up and put it under the tree for her. I know it will make her cry – the good way.”

Mickey Anderson


“This system needs to be an integral basis for all aspects of education. I will not continue teaching if I cannot use the Kolbe Method in my job.”

David Buck

Ed. D. Superintendent, Wright City R-II School District

“When I arrived, we were in the bottom 4% of schools in terms of academic performance in the state. Every administrator, board member, central office employee, and teacher took a Kolbe A™ and went through training around it. We became the most improved district in the state and in the top 1/3 in terms of performance. Kolbe was a huge part of that turnaround.”

Dr. Jane Armstrong

“A parent turned to me and said, ‘This puts it all into perspective. I’m trying to make him be me instead of letting him be him.’”

Pamela Armstrong

Ph. D. Psychologist

“The way society and schools are constructed causes an inordinate amount of labeling of kids, and increasing insistence they medicated in their formative years just because they respond to a different learning atmosphere and approach. I hope that Kathy’s vision becomes a reality and that schools and workplaces can be reshaped to fully accommodate and appreciate us ‘troublemakers.’”

Elizabeth Berry

Ph. D. Professor

“I can see it in my teaching. I’m much more tolerant now. I understand. I try to diversify assignments for all the different kinds of people.”

Interested In


Youth Advocate Program
What if you could make learning more engaging for all kids?

"When I arrived, we were in the bottom 4% of schools in terms of academic performance in the state. Every administrator, board member, central office employee, and teacher took a Kolbe A and went through training around it. We quickly became the most improved school district in the state and in the top 1/3 in terms of performance. Kolbe was a huge part of that turnaround." - David Buck, Ed. D., Superintendent, Wright City R-II School District

OPgig℠ Program
What if you could discover a great career that was a natural fit for how you work?

“Kathy Kolbe has produced a fascinating and insightful work that adds a rich dimension of understanding to the critical task of job performance and individual success. It should be invaluable in helping to direct one’s own efforts as well as directing the efforts of others.” - Steven C. Wheelwright, Ph.D., Professor, Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration

Action-Provoking Seminars: "In your face in a good way"
What if there was a seminar based on scientific truths (bonding without the kumbaya)?

"I was working with one of my long term leader clients who asked me to run a seminar for their staff. At the end of the seminar, one of the staff approached me with tears of joy. She said, 'all my life it has been suggested I have ADD/ADHD, but today I feel like I have finally found out that its my talent, ...not a problem." - Jason Kolevski

What if you could get expert guidance to lower stress and improve success?

"One of the men cried when he got his results. He thanked us for giving him proof of his value. He literally wore it as a medal of honor! He was grateful that someone put in writing what he hoped was there in himself." - Caroline Sugarman

Kolbe Youth Specialist™ Training
What if you could actually help kids succeed by focusing on the way they are perfect?

"I helped parents who were frustrated with their son's bad grades and their poor relationship with him. They suspected he might have Asperger's or a learning disability. I used Kolbe and could immediately see that the parents were resistant implementers, while the son was initiating. I told the father to buy a computer making kit, which he hated, but it changed their relationship. He said it was the best bonding experience they had ever had, and his son's grades skyrocketed." - Arthur Jue

Kolbe Certification™ Training Seminar
What if you could gain expertise in harnessing human effort?

"You will not be able to have an appreciation for the multiple facets of Kolbe Wisdom without the intense discussion, role play, and explanations that come through certification seminars." - Ella Huysamen

Kolbe A™ Index
What if you discovered your embedded strengths - and how not to let them box you in?

"The Kolbe system ranks among the top three pieces of information I have acquired in my life. When I got my Kolbe result, my life changed. I eliminated frustration and guilt." - Dan Sullivan, Founder and CEO, The Strategic Coach

Kolbe Y™ Index
What if children could discover the truth about how they are unique and perfectly capable?

"Kolbe Index gives personal validation that is just terrific. All results are positive. There are truly no negatives." - Dr. Mark Yehle, School Superintendent

Conation Nation Symposium
What if an opportunity existed to explore this groundbreaking theory with other like-minded individuals?

“My favorite thing about the Kolbe Concept is that it can’t be argued….it is the truth and there is data and proof to back it up.” - Noelle Murphy, VP & Manager of Client Experience, Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy Inc.

Parent Guide Report
What if you could discover what's perfectly capable about your child?

"Through my work, I've seen miracles in the families and workplaces of people who have learned what makes them tick. Even my 10 year-old son completely turned around after I helped him identify his strengths and understand that he's perfect the way he is." - Pamela J. Morris

Audio: The Strength Inside Every Student
How do you turn "bad students" into stars?

Benefits: 1. Explains how to build on the natural creative problem-solving methods of every student. 2. Describes the power inherent in each of the 12 instinctive strengths. 3. Identifies the ways the school environment inadvertently blocks the instinctive talents of many students.

Audio: Avoiding Stress
How can you reduce stress in life and still do all that needs to be accomplished?

Benefits: 1. Provides a clarification of different forms of stress you are likely to encounter. 2. Describes how to improve wellness by reducing instinct-based stress in your life. 3. Validates your natural methods and provides suggestions to avoid making commitments that cause stress.

Audio: Learning Disabilities
Why do so many children diagnosed with learning disabilities become such successful adults?

Benefits: 1. Discover how normal learning differences are commonly viewed as a disability. 2. Gain an understanding of how students with learning “disabilities” can reframe their efforts to their advantage. 3. Gain an understanding of how the disability is in the educational system, not the student.

Audio: Parenting: Nurturing Your Child's Instincts
What if you had the key to unlocking your child’s potential?

Benefits: 1. Gives parents permission to trust their child’s instincts for taking action. 2. Explains the way to encourage children to be powerful in the world by being true to their natural talents. 3. Shows parents how to guide children through the management of their efforts for increased success in their endeavors.

Audio: Dealing with Transitions
How can you be productive when feeling boxed in by requirements to do things a certain way?

Benefits: 1. Describes what Kolbe A Index or Kolbe Y Index transition results tell you about yourself. 2. Includes questions to guide you to clarity about your natural method and to give yourself permission to be true to your instincts. 3. Offers key strategies for dealing with situations when you don’t have control of the method of action.

Audio: Bridging Differences
What does it take to guarantee sustainable results?

Benefits: 1. Learn the key contributions of mid-zone responses in each Kolbe Action Mode®. 2. Discover why interactive teams must not be built around those who Initiate in an Action Mode. 3. Find out what talents are necessary in situations where we have no control.

Audio: Kolbe Creative Process™
How can you kick-start your creative problem solving?

Benefits: 1. Explains the role of motivation in driving the creative process. 2. Describes the importance of engaging the will through our striving instincts. 3. Identifies the role of rational thought in the creative process.

Striving Zones: How People Act when Free to be Themselves
What if you had the words to tell people what you need to be successful?

"The Kolbe Concept has an extremely positive message that really promotes personal freedom." - Mark Vollmer

Powered By Instinct: 5 Rules for Trusting Your Guts
Who has the greatest freedom of all?

"If you only read one self-improvement book in your life make it this one!!" - Amazon Customer

Conative Connection
What if the advice you've been getting made you deny your true self?

"This book uncovers a missing piece of the human communication puzzle." - Elizabeth Berry, Ph.D., Professor of Communications, California State University Northridge

What if there was a game that celebrates the strengths of all players?

"Kolbe is life changing. Everyone can benefit because everyone has equal conative strength." - Walker Adams