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Thought Leader Retreats with Kathy Kolbe

Join the Global Leader in Human Behavior for her 2021 advanced learning series.

*Kolbe Certified Consultants earn two continuing education credits per retreat (max of four credits per training period).

Below you’ll find more information on the products mentioned in episode 36 – Wisdom of Being an Obstinate Parent


Kolbe Student Index

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Kolbe Youth Specialist Training

Kolbe Youth Specialist Training is intended for educators, parents and advocates who want to learn the foundational theory of the Kolbe Wisdom as it relates to empowering kids. Help young individuals identify their conative strengths and understand how they can best navigate the world around them.

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Creativity Cubes

Kolbe Creativity Cubes are geared towards children under 13, individuals who are in conative Transition, and anyone else who can not complete a written Kolbe Index.

You too can discover the natural strengths of a child, loved-one, or client using Kolbe Creativity Cubes™ Non-verbal Assessment.

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