Striving at The Mastery Level

What makes someone exceptionally great at what they do? We all know people who go above and beyond the standard to become the best in their field. Is it natural-born ability or a strong desire to achieve? On this episode of Perfectly Obstinate People, Kathy Kolbe discusses this topic from a conative perspective and sheds some light onto what she believes is the source of this “greatness.”

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Episode 80 - Conative Burnout July 23, 2021 — Author Name

Conative Burnout At one point our another, each of us reaches a point of burning out. The solution is often simpler than we think.…

Episode 82 - Gifted Education August 6, 2021 — Nicole Loucks

Gifted Education There are social, academic, and personal obstacles inherent to youth, and when you add other features like giftedness, things can get complicated.…