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  • Kolbe Youth Specialist™ Training – This training (for educators, parents and advocates) teaches the foundational theory of the Kolbe Wisdom as it relates to empowering kids. Help young individuals identify their conative strengths and understand how they can best navigate the world around them.


  • BrainyAct™ Interpretation Training – Be among the first to be able to interpret this hands-on assessment for verbal and nonverbal young kids. Discover the joy of telling parents and kids what each kid is naturally great at and how to avoid the stress of working against their grain.


  • Kolbe Self-Efficacy™ Metric Training – This is the first assessment proven to validate people’s beliefs in their Authentic Abilities. You can be one of the few individuals in the world who can interpret the impact of the results in stress management, wellness, and education. Its value is in the identification of six categories from arrogance to humility and insecurity. Successful completion required to interpret Kolbe Efficacy Metric.


  • Dynamynd Admin Software Training – You will gain expertise in managing your student database online from one of our Dynamynd team members.



Dynamynd Assessment Suite March 23, 2020 — Sterling Loucks

BrainyAct™ Creative Power Assessment (for 3 to 9 year olds) - identifies kids’ natural way of solving problems, communicating, and learning most effectively. It’s…