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  • BrainyAct™ Creative Power Assessment (for 3 to 9 year olds) – identifies kids’ natural way of solving problems, communicating, and learning most effectively. It’s a scientifically validated hands-on assessment process for verbal and nonverbal kids.


  • Student Aptitude™ Quiz (for 10-20 year olds) – Discover students’ Authentic Abilities and tips for how they can use them. Students can complete this assessment online in 15-minutes on average.


  • Kolbe Self-Efficacy™ Metric (for 10-20 year olds) – Measures students’ confidence in their Authentic Abilities. Each student is categorized on a scale from insecurity, to humility, to arrogance. You will learn how to improve students’ confidence so they can reach ideal levels for success.


  • OPgig® career program (for 13+ year olds) – Rates the probability of sustainable success in 1,200+ careers for each user based on their capabilities, Interest Areas, and education goals. Users can complete this program in less than 10 minutes online.
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