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Youth Empower™ Program

Youth Empower Program is a community based mental wellness initiative targeting reduced suicide rates among teens. It utilizes proprietary assessments, proven to increase self-efficacy, reduce stress, reduce loneliness, and remove stigmas of learning disabilities; each a leading factor in teen suicide.

“My daughter attempted to take her life at the age of 12. We discovered her Authentic Abilities the next year. Within 30 days her grades went from Ds/Fs to As/Bs. Her frustration was gone.”

– Parent

Current undergraduate college, high school, and middle school students receive:

  1. Individualized online results with celebratory language, describing students’ strengths through the following validated questionnaires:
  2. Individualized digital communication from Dynamynd reiterating positive messages and providing additional tips to decrease stress and increase success
  3. Small group led discussions to reinforce how positive their Authentic Abilities are

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