What is most important in making career choices?

A. What you want to do.

B. What you have learned to do.

C. What you are best at doing.

D. All of the above.

OPgigSM is the only career program that makes D. a possible choice.

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Striving Zones: How People Act when Free to be Themselves

Kathy Kolbe’s model of human performance, used by individuals and companies around the world, has continued to evolve since it was first described in her best seller, The Conative Connection. Here, Kolbe has provided a deeper description of the actions we take when striving to succeed. She has included enhanced language to explain the equality of our instincts for creative problem solving in a compact and easy to access format.

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Striving Zones is a reference book for all who want to fully understand and support the use of every conative strength – and combinations of them.

Purchase | $12.95

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