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Perfectly Obstinate People

with Kathy Kolbe
Listen every week as Kathy Kolbe, the world's leading expert on human performance, explores how being obstinate can be a powerful and necessary aspect of creating positive change.

Each episode provides tips and tricks that empower you to be you.

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Powered By Instinct: 5 Rules for Trusting Your Guts (and Audio: Powered By Instinct 5-Disc Audio Book Set)

Kathy Kolbe makes it absolutely clear that you have the right instincts to save yourself from unnecessary stress and poor decisions. Her insights will help you convert that hidden power into a personal, practical force. Learn how to be your natural best, and take control of your own destiny.

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Discover how you can have the greatest freedom of all. Make your instincts work for you – when and where you need them most.

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