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MasterClasses with Kathy Kolbe

Join the Global Leader in Human Behavior for her 2022 advanced learning series.

*Kolbe Certified Consultants earn two continuing education credits per class (max of four credits per training period)

Individual Youth Empower Package

Current students aged 10-20 may be struggling to find purpose. Our unique assessments combined with a 1:1 coaching session help students discover their strengths and advocate for their innate needs.

Students who complete this program report an increase in self-efficacy, the belief that their innate strengths have value to contribute to the world.

Within 30 days her grades went from Ds/Fs to As/Bs. Her frustration was gone. – Parent

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  1. Students schedule a time to virtually meet with a Kolbe Youth Advocate.
  2. Students receive two online assessments to be completed independently.
    • Student Aptitude™ Quiz
    • OPgig® Career Program
  3. Coaching session to review assessment results and provide individualized tips and goals.

Similar to the Kolbe A™ Index for adults, Student Aptitude Quiz offers students an opportunity to identify their distinct set of striving instincts that drive the ways they take action.

OpGig Career Program uses the student’s unique strengths, interest areas, and educational goals to provide over 1,200 career suggestions.

Purchase Now | $160

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