What is most important in making career choices?

A. What you want to do.

B. What you have learned to do.

C. What you are best at doing.

D. All of the above.

OPgigSM is the only career program that makes D. a possible choice.

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Action-Provoking Seminars: "In your face in a good way"

These highly-interactive half or full day seminars are available in-person or as virtual sessions. Not only will participants discover their conative strengths, they’ll also learn how self-managing these strengths can increase efficiency, improve productivity, strengthen communication, and reduce stress.

Dynamynd seminars are designed for educators and wellness professionals looking to understand how our instinctive methods of taking action can contribute to greater success for individuals and the organization. Whether you choose to participate in this seminar as a leader, a team, a department, or an entire organization, this highly interactive experience helps participants discover how to make the most of the creative diversity available to carry out the organization’s mission.

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