Our assessments and workshops support teachers and students in the discovery of their unique pattern of strengths, and how to leverage them in the classroom, on a team or in their personal life. 

Using the Kolbe Theory ™ and decades of research, we offer detailed reports, supportive strategies and tips and tricks you can use everyday in the classroom and beyond. These activities result in increased confidence, better performance and improved school climate and culture.

As an acclaimed theorist, bestselling author and pioneer in her field, Kathy Kolbe was the first to prove the existence of the conative mental faculty, which causes us to act, react and interact. Believing that we are all equally perfect in our own way, she has spent over 40 years collecting and analyzing conative traits to ultimately help us be ourselves.

Kathy’s first business, Resources for the Gifted, produced award-winning learning materials for gifted students. She has since worked to reform learning and wellness fields at every level. She has consulted with the U.S. Department of Education, individual schools pre-K through high school, more than 50 universities and more than 200 health and medical organizations. Kathy now spends her time at her skunkworks, Dynamynd, continuing to develop leading-edge solutions for learning and wellness tied to her theory.

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Accolades for Kathy Kolbe's Contributions to Understanding Human Instincts

Kathy has received numerous awards and much appreciation for her contributions to improving organizational performance and individual success. Below are just a few recognitions she has received.